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Print Arts Northwest (PAN), a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit, was founded in 1981 as the Northwest Print Council. It all began around a kitchen table where our founding members wished to create an opportunity to represent professional printmakers in the greater Northwest Region and to educate the general public about printmaking.
Thirty-three years later PAN continues to grow and develop, offering more and more to the community. We provide ongoing exhibitions for our Artist Members, encourage sale of artists work for fundraising (proceeds fairly shared with artists), and we provide a wide range of educational programs for printmakers and art enthusiasts at all skill levels.
PAN has created a network of artists and collectors forming a great resource for information about printmaking. We currently represent 70 artists from 8 areas of North America. Our goal remains to support this wonderful art form through the promotion, practice, appreciation, education and collection of original prints.
Thank you for your interest in joining PAN!
  • 20% first print purchase discount
  • 10% print purchase discount remainder of year<\li>
  • 10% discount on workshops, lectures and events<\li>
  • Invitations to openings
Collector Club Member - $225.00 per year
All above benefits plus:
  • Invitations to special artists studio sales
  • Invitations to two special events per year
Patron Member - $500.00 per year
All above benefits plus:
  • Complimentary Patron Print
  • Patron recognition on PAN website and at events
Supporting Member - $20.00 per year
  • Open membership
  • Free participation in demos and lectures.
  • Discounted participation in programming, and workshops.
  • 10% discount on all prints
Online dues payment is available!
A portion of dues paid is tax-deductible at all membership levels.

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